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Why does an author need reviews?
As self-publishing Print on Demand and e-Books become popular and book stores and on-line book sellers get overwhelmed with many thousands of new titles every year, Authors find it increasingly difficult to sell his or her book. At WhoWroteWhat, we make this formidable task easier for you.

How do we help?
Book writing is relatively easy today, but promoting and marketing are difficult. Reviews give readers confidence that their decision to purchase a book is not based on a title, or a cover, or a sample paragraph or two but on the opinion of an actual reader.

At WhoWroteWhat we have been introducing readers to authors by displaying a photograph and a few words. We now feel confident after having read much of their work that we want to go the extra step by endorsing authors whose writing we believe has merit. The reviews we publish have been posted both on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Authors are encouraged to post them to their website and blog. Note: We do not publish NEGATIVE reviews If an author receives less than three stars, or a poor review, we will provide the author with our positive critique. We are here to help both authors and readers.

How does it works?
Use the EMAIL link at the end of this web page and make the necessary payment. Once the payment is confirmed from PayPal, we will email a confirmation and request a file of your book if you have not already sent it. Your book's copy should be in either pdf or MS Word format.

How much does it costs you?
We charge a flat fee of $50 unless you also purchase any ad for $35, $60 or $100. If you purchase any ad, the fee is $25, regardless of the term of the display ad. But why should an author have to pay for a review? Very simply, you get what you pay for. Readers should have a vested interest in helping you to promote your book, if it deserves it. A reasonable fee also helps you avoid cookie-cutter or template reviews that tend to help the reviewer, not the author.

You will have an opportunity to preview our review of your book prior to its public posting.

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