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Ghetto Teen Must Protect His Sister: Love Child
Outskirts Press announces the latest highly anticipated
suspense fiction book from Staten Island, NY, author A. M. Torres.

Denver, -- Outskirts Press, Inc. has published Love Child by A. M. Torres. The author's most recent book to date is a 6 x 9 paperback in the suspense fiction category and is available worldwide on book retailer websites such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The webpage at was launched simultaneously with the book's publication.

Tommy Livan Hulette hates his ghetto neighborhood, but he's content to have his family, content to have his friends, and content to have his stickball. Then comes the day when his mother and father are suddenly fighting, and just like that his mother sinks into depression leaving Tommy to care for his sister Greta, who is very afraid of her mother's mood swings.

Things go from bad to worse when their mother suddenly kills herself, and Tommy's life is changed forever. In the midst of this shocking and devastating development, Tommy learns a horrible secret from his father, a secret that sends him to the home of a new relative, a relative he never knew about. A relative who wants to punish him just for being born. A relative who hates him for no reason at all...or so it seems.

Tommy realizes that his life was never as it seemed...nothing is at it seems. Can Tommy keep Greta safe as he tries to overcome the violence and the lies that are inflicted upon him almost on a daily basis?

446 pages in length, Love Child is being aggressively promoted to appropriate markets with a focus on the suspense fiction category. With U.S. wholesale distribution through Ingram and Baker & Taylor, and pervasive online availability through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and elsewhere, Love Child meets consumer demand through both retail and library markets with a suggested retail price of $22.95. Additionally, Love Child can be ordered by retailers or wholesalers for the maximum trade discount price set by the author in quantities of ten or more from the Outskirts Press Direct bookstore at ISBN: 9781432764111 Format: 6 x 9 paperback cream SRP: $22.95

2012 Reviewers Choice Literary Award

The following is the Review which was published 11/2011:

As a recovering alcoholic, I have tried every program there is. I didn’t like the whining at 12- Step programs and discontinued going. However, when I read Farish’s book on his history of abuse I took a new look at where I stood.

This is a book that is honest and straightforward. Alcoholics Anonymous is a great program but it is not for everyone. Farish's honest, open discussion about his use related to what I was feeling. He knew there was a problem but he could control his abuse. When he went into rehab many said he wouldn’t make it- he would be the first to fail. Parish took this information and resolved to do the best he could and beat his addiction. He worked the program in his way- he found a Higher Power to guide him. Not everyone is religious and Higher Power means different things to different people.

There are many times when an addict has the best intentions, but a cookie-cutter treatment is not for everyone. Farish made a decision and he stuck with it. It worked for him and I’m sure it does for many others.

Once you start reading this book you will not be able to put it down. In no way did he bash AA or inpatient programs. He was very honest in his opinions. “3 Steps to Recovery” really is a must read for all of those suffering from addiction. Book Reviews: (TWENTY reviews as of 7.15.2012! ALL have been rated FIVE STARS)


This book is awesome! The author is witty and has a great writing style. He can bring you from sniffles and tears to laughter in a matter of just a few sentences. His sense of humor is awesome. He takes you inside his own life in a way that anyone can relate to. It's not one of those books that is any way "preachy", it's staright up for REAL! He gets to the nitty gritty of addiction and recovery, with no BS!

I'm really busy and it takes me forever to finish books, but not this one, I couldn't put it down! I will definitely be looking for more to read by him! Not only was it a wicked good book, but his story is a real inspiration!

Easy to read, hard to put down.... By Inamorato, July 7, 2011 5 STARS

Dan Farish writes just as though he were talking to you. Sometimes he leans forward, takes hold of your arm, and looks you in the eye. That kind of writing makes 3 Steps to Recovery engage the reader from the painful workings of Farish's dysfunctional childhood family through the depths of a life wrecked by alcohol to the struggle of climbing out of the darkness.

It is commonly believed that there is a genetic predisposition to addiction. Perhaps so, but this book makes a compelling case for childhood abuse sending someone into the entrapping arms of substance abuse. That path is clearly illustrated by the emotional wounding of a difficult childhood setting the table for the emotional numbing of alcoholism.

Either a person has experienced chemical dependency or one hasn't. For those of us who haven't, 3 Steps to Recovery is an autobiography that explains in vivid detail how a life can spiral down into the hopelessness of alcoholism. It would be hard to read this book without empathizing with Farish's journey. Much of that journey involves the experience of treatment. Typical treatment for a variety of addictions involves some form of the original 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous. AA has helped countless people get their lives back from alcohol but some versions of the program seem to present even more obstacles for someone with a drinking problem to overcome.

The experience Dan Farish had with treatment led him to distill the program down to three steps that were most important to his recovery. For those who have little patience with confessional programs and manipulative program leaders, 3 Steps to Recovery cuts to the chase. One of the criticisms often leveled at AA is the quasi-religious aspect of the organization. Farish freely acknowledges the spiritual component of recovery and illustrates it in a most convincing way.

The measure of success for any treatment program is the quality of life for those who have gone through it. Although his path following treatment wasn't always smooth, Farish's life subsequent to treatment is a testament to the effectiveness of his approach. 3 Steps to Recovery is easy to read and hard to put down. I believe it can show the way to a restored life for many. Enthusiastically recommended to those with an addiction, to those affected by someone with an addiction, and to those who simply want to have have a better understanding of what it's like to become an alcoholic and to recover from it.

Amazing, By, Get Out of Denial, February 28, 2012 5 Stars

I was lucky enough to Meet Dan Farish through Facebook. I was going through a lot of addictions. Addictions run pretty wild in my Family. Facebook is Amazing, there is so much information and groups that help people. I found him through "The Addicts Mom". He was so kind to send me a book. I could'nt wait to read it. When I started to read the book it felt so right, and finished it in 2 days! I could not put it down. Dan's story is so real and writing skills are amazing..This is his first book. It touched my heart in a way I can't explain. I could say it was devine intervention for me...Yes there are set backs in recovery, and the process can be daunting. The hope this book gives people is real. I Thank Dan for writing this and sharing his entire Story of Recovery! I have gifted this book to many of the friends I have that suffer from Addiction, They are greatful for it. I will forever be greatful to Dan for sharing this book with me at a most difficult Time.

Well written, heartfelt, painfully honest..., By, C. Cogburn, September 26, 2011 5 Stars

Dan is an online friend of mine, which is how I came to read this book, besides my own issues with substance abuse. It is an honest account of his struggles with addiction, and it's not always easy to read. But it is a gripping story, with a happy ending thus far...

Definitely recommended for anyone wanting to learn more about addiction. I expect it'll become required reading for counselors and therapists: it's a brutally honest look at the subject.

Powerful Story, By Sandra Hepinstall, September 5, 2011 5 Stars

This book is sad but also powerful. It is the story of Dan Farish, a man who came from a family which proves truth is stranger than fiction. Within all of us, we hold secrets. Dan has taken out all of the skeletons of his past so that we will see what was, and what can be.

Dan was raised in a terrible dysfunctional family. Physical abuse was almost daily. There was no one who would help him or his two sisters. Even relatives would not step in. His father was a big and intimidating man.

The memories of growing up in his family would last him his whole life. There was no getting away from them except in a bottle of alcohol. He started drinking as a teen and it continued for twenty years. He had to hit bottom before he could begin the healing powers of overcoming his addiction.

After going into an addiction rehab hospital that was based on the twelve step program of Alcoholics Anonymous, that has help thousands of people. Dan will be the first to tell you that the program is good, but there are some who do not fit the pattern. Dan was one of them.

The author took three of the steps and with the help of God overcame his addiction. He prayed hour after hour and day after day for help. Then one night his prayers were answered. I won't tell you about what happened. I will just say that a miracle did happen. Whether it is you or someone you know that has any type of addiction you need to buy this book.

I have read a lot of books about addiction and I believe that this book will help anyone who reads it.

Excellent Book!

A MUST READ! By, C-M, February 27, 2012 5 Stars

This book has an appeal to people who have not responded to other programs, when wrestling with addiction. It still uses the proven method of AA, just applied in a different way. Well written, honest and it holds your attention. Dan has found a way to battle his demons, others can only learn from it. MORE AMAZON REVIEWS!

Other Reviews:

When you write books about addiction recovery, some days are better than others. There are days when the words flow like water and days you struggle to form the first sentence. There are even some days when you wonder if what you’re doing matters to anyone at all.

And then there are days when you receive letters like this one, which makes it all worthwhile.

Dear Dan,

I’m overwhelmed to learn about your healing experience. I have no doubt that it happened. Over the years, I have bought a lot of books on this subject. A Course in Miracles and others, but they never got to me quite deeply enough. Because of your book, I will start to forgive my parents and end up thanking them because it is the only way to. I don’t know exactly what you wrote that made me see, but all the love flowing from every word and your beautiful, unselfish heart really got to me. I don’t know how, but I do know that your words started filling up the hole in my soul. I will read your book again and it will become my new bible. I will start to inhale the three steps and I will “ fake-it-til-I-make-it”.

I love to read about where you are today. The last time I cried over a book, a mother had lost her children, and now I’m crying over this one. Not because I feel sorry for anyone, but because of the love that speaks to me and puts things in perspective. I knew the answer all along and, then again, I didn’t. I know now that it is all up to me – that there is no one else to blame and yesterday I started meditating with a grateful heart. No angels have put their hands on me, but I feel connected to a higher power that is there for me. I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your book. It arrived three days ago – on the day that I most needed it. I will get back to you when I am not so overwhelmed and, perhaps, can give some better feedback. Right now I am just so filled with love and truth. Thank you, Dan. All my love to you and your family.

I received the above letter from a struggling addict living in Europe. But the praise belongs to a Higher Power, not me. All I did was write a book to share the blessings I received with others – my Higher Power did all the hard work.

June 2011

I first became aware of Dan Farish after returning from a trip to London. I’d designed an on-line writing course and discovered a new student had enrolled during my absence. The course offered to teach people how to write a non-fiction book and Dan was keen to write one.

Initially, he wanted to write a self-help book showing readers how to overcome addiction, based on his own experience as an addict. In essence, he has distilled the essence of the Alcoholics Anonymous Twelve Step program down to its most useful parts. I felt that the book he proposed would be difficult to pull off. Would he, for instance, have enough material to write more than a pamphlet and had his methods been tested on anyone else? It concerned me that there was a danger that it could be little more than a rant against A.A., which to my mind is a well-meaning organization with good and bad points and clearly helps some, if not all recovering alcoholics.

By this time, I had also become aware of Dan’s twenty-year struggle with substance abuse and learned of his metamorphosis from a full-blown alcoholic to a normal “take it or leave it” social drinker. Conventional wisdom, not just in A.A., but also in healthcare substance abuse circles, suggests that this shouldn’t happen. Most addiction recovery experts believe that the only hope for alcoholics is to give up booze and forever abstain at all costs, as any future contact with alcohol would push the former drinker to an unhealthy dependency on the bottle.

Some might argue that Dan Farish wasn’t a true alcoholic and that what he experienced was a phase; an extended rite of passage that he eventually outgrew. That somehow he had matured and put his past excesses behind him. My own experience of working with numerous alcoholics during a 25 period as a psychiatric nurse suggests that Dan had, indeed, been an alcoholic, but something had happened to change him.

I suggested that instead of writing a self-help book, Dan write a memoir that tracked his early life, his drinking years and what has happened since - and that the second part of the book consist of the life-changing steps he had learned, so others could benefit from his experiences.

The draft of Dan’s first chapter was pretty good. I could see ways of improving the flow and suggested some minor changes, but from then onwards my role changed from writing tutor to cheerleader. As you will discover when you start reading this book, Dan is a brilliant and witty narrator who has a wonderful way with words, original metaphors and an eye for detail. More importantly, he tells a great story that is at once harrowing, humorous and hopeful.

This book is hard to put down and is the best sort of page-turner, giving you an insight into a dysfunctional American family, Boston’s drinking culture, and Dan’s journey to sobriety. But the second part of the book is equally fascinating, which forces the reader contemplate Dan’s assertion that he had a spiritual experience – an experience that cured a twenty-year addiction and turned his life around. People with a scientific background are likely to be skeptical, as there isn’t a logical, scientific explanation for Dan’s life-changing experience. Then again, science still hasn’t found the answers to many of life’s mysteries.

Desperate people often turn to God or a higher power during acute crisis, and many claim their pleas have been rewarded with a positive response, providing them with strength and resolve they didn’t have before. This might be hard to understand for those who have never felt the need to ask for this kind of help, but should any of us reject this approach out of hand?

Addictions of all types are notoriously difficult to treat. Alcohol or other substances become a seductive mistress to those held captive in its embrace. Common sense, counsel, reason and the best intentions can be blown away in an instant and cause an addict to relapse. There are different types of treatment options available and each has its pros and cons. What might work for one addict might not work for others. As Dan mentions in his book, the approach being offered here may not suit everyone. But it might, just might, be the treatment of choice for addicts who have tried other therapies that didn’t work for them.

Dan has recently trained to become an addiction recovery coach and is currently in the process of taking on the sort of alcoholics that some addiction counselors consider to be beyond help. I wish him well and know he will change many lives for the better.

Alcohol abuse is the curse of our age. It plays a huge part in the breakdown of family life and it is behind many, if not most, violent incidents and is a contributing factor in many fatal traffic accidents. Any approach that complements existing addiction treatment services should be taken seriously. The 3 Steps to Recovery that worked so successfully for Dan Farish might just work for you or someone you love.

3 Steps To Recovery©20122012 Reviewers Choice Literary Award

The Devil’s Serum: New Book Tells of One Man’s Struggle With Immortal Acceptance.

After drinking the unknown contents of an ornate flask, Christian Laurent becomes immortal. However, at what cost does this most unusual privilege entail? And will he be accepted by the one he loves? Writer Ashliegh Wolfgang tells all in his compelling new book.

For Immediate Release
Ashliegh Wolfgang - Author

Chicago, IL – Many will know Ashliegh Wolfgang as the former singer of acclaimed recording artists, The Orphan Punks. However, swapping his microphone for a pen, Wolfgang is now releasing a compelling series of fiction books.

The first, ‘The Devil’s Serum’, tells tales from the journals of protagonist, Christian Laurent. Aged forty, Laurent drinks the unknown contents of an ornate flask, later waking up to find that he has been transformed into something more than human.

Having lost the functions of thirst and hunger, and possessing amplified strength, Laurent quickly learns that pain is no longer registered and any wounds rapidly heal. In short, he has become immortal.

However, being afforded this privilege is not without its costs. Having just fallen in love with Corrine, the love of his life, Laurent knows he cannot share his immortality, instead treating it as a curse. With just the flask’s engraved markings as clues, he tries in vain to understand what he has become, and why.

“It’s certainly a compelling story,” explains Wolfgang, who is making his first leap into the world of published literature.

He continues, “The book is the first volume of ‘The Ramblings of the Damned’, a Novella series that will be five volumes strong by the end of this year.”

The first volume has garnered rave reviews since its launch in August, often being compared to works by Edgar Allan Poe. The series’ second installment, ‘The Devil’s Folly’ was released on September 1st, with the next installment, ‘The Devil’s Apprentice’, due for release in October.

Critics praise Wolfgang for his ability to bring the literary flare from yesteryear to a modern-day audience. With so much success in his hands, Wolfgang refuses to lose sight of the most important facet of his works – the books’ original plots.

“The Devil's Serum is a supernatural love story for literary fans above the tween scene, and proves that a supernatural story doesn't need fangs to have bite,” he concludes.

The Devil’s Serum, published Independently, is available now.

Purchase link:

For more information, please visit the author’s official website:

His progress can also be followed on social media.



About the Author:

Ashliegh Wolfgang first gained notoriety as founding member and vocalist for National recording artists "The Orphan Punks".

The Devil's Serum is his first foray into fiction writing, a love he has had behind the scenes for decades. Ashliegh claims writing influences from historical authors such Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft to contemporary authors such as Anne Rice and Clive Barker.

Ashliegh currently lives in the suburbs of Chicago with his wife Heather and children Addison and Samantha.

Contact: Rajith Rajappan

Author receives national recognition through National Indie Excellence Awards

(Mumbai, India) -- The Sixth Annual National Indie Excellence Awards recognized The Illuminator: Access to Universal Intelligence by Rajith Rajappan in the category of Self Help Motivation as a winner/finalist.

This national award, based in Los Angeles, CA is open to all English language books including small presses, university presses, independent publishers and self-published authors. Works published in 2009, 2010 and 2011 were eligible for consideration.

The competition is judged by independent experts from all aspects of the indie book industry, including publishers, writers, editors, book cover designers and professional copywriters. They select award winners and finalists based on overall excellence of presentation.

The authors website can be accessed here.

In this fascinating and informative book, author Rajith Rajappan opens a door to “Universal Intelligence,” a theory that focuses your emotions, knowledge, and self-improvement goals in order to succeed in every aspect of your life. The Illuminator offers a step-by-step guide, outlined in fourteen chapters, to help you connect with your unique inner power as reflected in the universe. If properly applied, the wisdom embodied in this book can result in real change in your life and overall peace of mind.

Ellen Ried, President of the National Indie Excellence Book Awards, said of the author: "We appreciate you, we applaud you and thank you for your great work. You are contributing to make independent publishing a great sector in the literary community".

Press Release Contact Information:  Steve Mizera, Vistagraphs
Voice: 9167616456
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Author Steve A. Mizera Shares His Powerful Life Story in His New Autobiography, From a Dime a Dozen to Priceless Mizera demonstrates the liberating experience of rehabilitation in a story of a boy's journey from abused to abuser to repentance.

CHRISTMAS VALLEY, OR, February 22, 2012 -- Steve A. Mizera has endured endless hardships and emerged on the other side. It is the lesson he has learned from these experiences that Mizera wants readers to take away with them after reading his powerful autobiography, "From a Dime a Dozen to Priceless: An Orphan's 70-Year Quest for a Family" . The author believes he has identified a cause and cure for pedophilia.

Raised in two Catholic orphanages where he suffered sexual abuse as well as mental and physical, Mizera was raised with a far bleaker view of the world than most other boys his age. It is how this view transformed his life, eventually leading to the author's own crime and punishment, followed by redemption, that forms the fabric of this compelling story.

The book has a printed warning due to its content, which may invoke emotional reactions from readers. However, it is specifically written to help a variety of people - from parents to psychologists and social workers to law enforcement officials to Christians - to understand the answer to the questions most often asked regarding pedophilia - what causes it, and how can it be cured?

The book is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, The Apple Istore and many other eBook sources. It is also available as a 377 paperback from his website.

Steve A. Mizera has worked in a variety of industries since running away from his second orphanage at the age of 14 to live on the streets of Philadelphia. After completing four years in the USAF, Mizera worked as a railway conductor, attended law school and published a small-town newspaper. After committing an unthinkable crime, Mizera was sentenced to 20 years in Folsom State Prison in California. Following his release he spent almost two decades in public service before retiring.

Mizera now lives in Christmas Valley, Oregon, where he creates large panoramic wildlife and landscape photographs on canvas.


REVIEW of From A DIme a Dozen to Priceless

I reluctantly agreed to offer a Review of this autobiography. because I was concerned that the obscene language, the controversial subject matter and the details Steve offers would disgust and turn-off the reader.

Initially, that was my reaction as I read this sensitive and powerful confession. But instead of soaking in disgust, my perseverance was rewarded as I read the final chapters. He presents summaries of the views of today's experts in psychology and the legal system dealing with child abuse. He shows clearly that they do not have answers nevertheless attempt to provide solutions that are failing. In contrast, in summarizing his life he points clearly to the cause of his deviant sexually behavior.

I applaud Steve for speaking truth to power in the narration of his personal story. I feel certain that his story will liberate and heal many others who endured similar backgrounds and struggles.

The need for his sound advice, his unique messages, and his heartfelt recommendations will be clear to the reader. Roseann Valent Straube ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

REVIEW of From A DIme a Dozen to Priceless

This autobiography is a page-turner and mental health experts should become familiar with both the message and the messenger. I shed tears and suffered vicariously as the green hickory stick was used repeatedly on this eight-year old orphan's backside in St. Francis Orphan Asylum. Anger was my reaction to the sexual exploitation he endured at the second orphanage in Philadelphia. His life on the street was enlightening as well as educational. It was also funny and sad. Most interesting was the author's attempt to right wrongs as he publishes a small town newspaper while going to law school and working as a railroad conductor. His anti-authority attitude and behavior rings loud and clear and may even be justified because of his upbringing. Predictably, he sexually abuses a child and serves time in the nation's most violent prison. He survives once again with a mixture of cunning, luck and a long-lost faith. Tracing his life he clearly establishes the cause of his pedophilia, something which should be analyzed by the experts and serve as a template to prevent future child abuse. Certainly, there are clues they can use because he is giving freely a 377 page interview. It will be up to the reader to see if his cure is applicable to other pedophiles. It sure appears the cure he explains works for him. Until more victimizers like this author provides society with unique insight, society will continue to struggle with the problem of child molestation. This book is a great beginning.

Local Chicago News: Social Media Expert Publishes Book on Facebook Marketing

Chicago, IL (MMD Newswire) March 14, 2012 -- Facebook marketing expert advises marketers to forget the games and socializing: "Facebook is a serious marketing tool". Now worth several billion dollars, Facebook has over 850 million users interacting on the world's largest social media network. Businesses and brands can have a huge influential power by focusing on their target audiences all on Facebook.

Using the latest knowledge and insights, The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Facebook Marketing is a landmark guide to small, medium, and even corporate businesses. Written by a successful PR leader and an expert social networker, the book offers marketers strategic guidance on how to make the most of Facebook's marketing tools including:

- Setting up a successful brand strategy

- Making services appeal to distinct audiences

- Using social networking to get customers into business doors

The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Facebook Marketing covers not only what Facebook's marketing tools are and how to use them, but why to use them, when to use them, how to make the most of them and how to integrate them into an overall marketing strategy.

Local Chicago author, John Wayne Zimmerman is the founder and CEO of eRocketFuel--a social media agency in Chicago. He has a team of 18 staff that develop and train social media strategies for clients around the world, including: The American Association of Medical Assistants, American Healthcare Lawyers Association, American Medical Association, Disney, Hilton and Hyatt. Previously, John was a founder of a software startup, a marketing executive in an association and a brand manager in consumer goods. He has a BA from the University of North Carolina, an MBA from DePaul University and post graduate studies from MIT. John has worked in the capacity of interactive marketing for 14 years. He is currently one of the top speakers of social media, presenting at conferences around the world. Last year he trained over 25,000 professionals in social media marketing.

Facebook marketing book John Zimmerman

The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Facebook Marketing: ISBN: 9781615641543, March 2012, $21.95

About The Complete Idiot's Guide® Series: The Complete Idiot's Guide® series is published by Alpha Books, an imprint of Penguin Group (USA) Inc. For more than 16 years Complete Idiot's Guide® books have informed, entertained, and enriched tens of millions of readers worldwide. Our readers are savvy and smart, but like most people, they sometimes encounter tasks or topics that make them feel like ... well, complete idiots. Complete Idiot's Guide® authors understand that feeling and know how to take the sting out of a steep learning curve. They offer simple steps, clear information, inside tips, and an occasional dollop of humor. There are more than 450 titles available in print and/or electronically, with new subjects and new ways to learn coming all the time.

About Alpha Books: Alpha Books, a member of Penguin Group (USA) Inc., publishes high- quality lifestyle and reference books in 30 different categories. The Complete Idiot's Guides®, Alpha Teach Yourself in 24 Hours, At Your Fingertips-- as well as other series and stand-alone titles -- provide helpful how-to information and general knowledge in an easily accessible manner.

For a review copy or to arrange an interview with the authors, please contact Wilks Communications at, or 708-434-5006.

CONTACT: Bre Whalen, 708-434-5006, or Gardi Wilks, 708-434-5006,

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