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We have all heard not to judge a book by its cover. The author generally does not design the cover and sometimes the cover does not convey adequately what is inside the book.

Our approach to finding you great reading is to introduce you to the author and let you read a few of their words. If the author's looks and words are meaningful for you, click on the photo and you will arrive at the website, if they maintain one, or at the site where their books are for sale.Now you can Pick a Writer by the Writer's Pic.

Stop by often as we are constantly searching out quality authors who may not have gotten their big break.

It is our wish that our readers are directed to great Author website, but if you happen to find a site you find inappropriate, please email us


You spent countless hours and sleepless nights wracking your brain to find the right words to convey to your readers. After you finished you realize your work has just begun. You probably heard that writing is 5% and finding your readers is 95%.

We pledge to you that we will work constantly to make sure we can find quality readers to visit your website and to be introduced to your book or books.

Because there are countless demands on your limited resources we especially want to help you make the decision to advertise with us. We will be glad to give you a FREE one month trial, providing your book is in print. Unfortunately we cannot promote ebooks. So if you want to start with a month's worth of publicity, please email us .

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