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PARENTS: Someone you trust is about to sexually abuse your child!


What you must do to prevent it!

This book has been authored by an ex-sex offender and is based on his experiences of 73 years. He believes he has the answer to the question: How can child sex abuse be abolished.

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Why read this book?
It will answer your questions!

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Steve A. Mizera endured endless hardships and emerges after seventy-three years to share his unique experiences. It is the lesson he learned from these experiences that he wants readers to take away after reading his powerful autobiography: From a Dime a Dozen to Priceless (CreateSpace, Amazon.com).

In his newest writing: How to Abolish Child Sexual Abuse? Begin by asking: Is that a Sexual Predator hiding behind that badge? he offers answers to the questions Who molests Children, when and where, how and why, and he offers recommendations intended to eliminate child sexual abuse.

Born in 1940 in Cressona, Pennsylvania, the youngest son of a Russian, immigrant coal miner, he was incarcerated in St. Francis Orphan Asylum in Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania, at the age of two and for the next decade, suffered mental and physical abuse.

He ran away from sexual abuse at St. Joseph's House for Homeless and Industrious Boys at 14 to live on the streets of Philadelphia. Having a strong work ethic he is nevertheless called a Dime a Dozen by a heartless employer. Steve retaliates by stealing $25,000 in tires in 1956 from Gimbels department store.

He fled to Sea Isle City, New Jersey where he taught himself how to repair automatic transmissions. He spent four years in the USAF, sold fruit on the international market for four years, worked as a railroad conductor on Southern Pacific RR and Amtrak for a decade, founded and published a weekly newspaper in a small northern California town for two years while attending law school before going to Alaska to serve in the legislature.

Starting life without bonding and winding through decades of rejection and failed relationships, at forty he committed an unthinkable crime and was sentenced to 20 years in California's notorious Folsom Prison. Following his early release he spent two decades in public service.

Although raised with a bleak view of the world, it is how his life was transformed at the age of sixty when he was informally adopted by loving immigrants who led him away from a life of crime, and taught him about the love of Jesus Christ, who became his personal Saviour and Redeemer.

In 2004 he retired to Christmas Valley, Oregon, a very small town in the high desert east of Crater Lake. In retirement he pursues photography creating vistagraphs (see vistagraphs.net) which are large panoramic scenic views printed on canvas. He adopted the RV life style and lives and travels in a roomy Winnebago.

If you wish to contact Steve, email him at: vistagraphs@gmail.com

What is this book about?
In examining news reports where hundreds of trusted law officials --from patrol officers to probation officers, from highway patrolman to district attorneys and judges, from legislators to prison guards-- have violated that trust by molesting children or possessing child pornography, important questions pertaining to child sexual abuse are answered.

These questions include Who sexually abuses children, When do they abuse, How do they abuse, Where do they abuse and Why adults sexually abuse children.

But the most important question that is answered is: How can Child Sexual Abuse be abolished?
Read the first chapter here

Where is the book available?

The paperback version of this title has been published and distributed on December 14, 2013. From Amazon it is available here. It is 388 pages. Your local book store can order it too.

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What does it cost?
The eBook price is $2.99. Proceeds from the sale of this book will be given to organizations who have a similar goal: To eradicate the evil of child sexual abuse.

You may wish to purchase the Author's unbelieveable autobiography. See below.

Steve A. Mizera's From a Dime A Dozen to Priceless

So you want to write a book.....

Many people claim they want to write their life story. Most do not achieve that goal. One primary reason must exist if one is to actually pursue writing his or her autobiography: the author must have something to say that will benefit society. My autobiography does. I also published it under a second more appropriate title: Pedophilia: A Cause and a Cure. You can judge this book by its covers.

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